How to get the dream team?

Teamwork makes the dream work, but a vision becomes a nightmare when the leader has a big dream and a bad team.

-John C. Maxwell

As dentists we all learn that the dental team makes or breaks a practice.  If you don’t realize this early in your career then you are in for many years of hurt.  If you learn this early then you truly have it good. 

I have read enough books about leadership to fill a small library so I want to share with you here what you need to find a team that will be your dream team. 

The foundation of the dream team is the leader.  The leader is the quarterback, the Tom Brady.  You must lead by example, you have to project the traits and values you want your team to have.  You are not supposed to do it all, you can’t, you need people to help you achieve the vision.

Your team members need to believe in you.  We all need a team that believes that we are the best at what we do.  If your team believes that you are the best dentist then they will stand behind you and build you up to be the best.  If your team does not believe in you, neither will your patients.

Next, a dream team trusts that you have their interests in mind.  You are the leader of a highly talented, competent and committed group of people.  You are responsible to make them feel that you are there to support and help them be better, do better and help you be better and do better.  The whole team has a goal of improving the lives of patients first and improving the lives of the team members second.

This takes us to the third point as the dream team is one that feels that they are rewarded by your success.  Your team will function at the pinnacle of their ability if they are vested in the success of the practice and are rewarded.  A reward starts with simple gratification and appreciation for what they do, but does not end there.  A structured bonus system that is fair, equitable and provides accountability from each member of the team helps ensure that the team functions optimally.

In building a team we all have trials and tribulations.  You hire the right ones and sometimes you hire the wrong team members.  Analysis and reviews of the team as well as feedback from the team is important to keep everybody functioning optimally.  Great leaders nurture great teams and a common focused vision fosters unity and success.  

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