a-Complete Fundamentals of Implant Dentistry

The Complete Fundamentals of Implant Dentistry course is the first course of its kind.  Designed to deliver completely online training for placing and restoring dental implants.  Utilizing the most advanced asynchronous teaching modules and cutting edge Hands-onLine experiences we have redefined online dental implant training.

Taught by the world recognized Dr. Dan Hagi. This is the first online dental implant program geared to start you out on the path towards successfully incorporating dental implants into your practice.

The complete curriculum takes you from basic implant science, comprehensive treatment planning, surgical execution and modern prosthetic rehabilitation. This is the only curriculum in the world that teaches implant surgery and prosthetics with traditional titanium implants as well as ceramic implants. Having placed thousands of implants Dr. Hagi brings to the course a fresh approach of evidence based treatment planning and gives you all the secrets for success.

The 3 pillars of D.I.C.E. learning.

  • Online

    A comprehensive program allowing you to explore dental implants using the traditional titanium and new ceramic materials. Unique learning experience designed to teach you how to implement the knowledge all from the comfort of your device anytime.

  • Hands-onLine

    Implementing didactic knowledge is required in order to bring real skills to the operatory. With Hands-onLine treatment planning and hands-on surgical and prosthetic simulation theoretical knowledge is brought to life.  A supplied kit and virtual evaluation tools are utilized to make this virtual training as real as live training.

  • Mentorship

    Once theoretical knowledge and hand skills are learned, real life application is needed. The last pillar of learning is doing and for this D.I.C.E. offers the opportunity to participate in live one-on-one mentorship. Take your skills to the next level of implementation.

Complete Fundamentals of Implant Dentistry – Online Curriculum

Price: $4,798 + HST
Instructor: Dr. Dan Hagi, Doctor of Dental Surgery

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