Top 5 instruments instruments available today for simplifying and optimizing implant surgery

Jeff Duntemann an american science fiction writer one said that “a good tool improves the way you work. A great tool improves the way you think.”.  This has never been more applicable than in our craft.  Our instruments simplify the way we do our jobs and allow us to attain better outcomes.   

The following are the top 5 instruments that allow us to simplify and optimize our implant practice:


5) Periotest M device 

The Periotest M device is an old instrument used to measure the stability of teeth.  It is also very useful in measuring the stability of implants.  In my hands i’ve been using it to determine the stability of one piece ceramic dental implants and also monitor the stability after restoration.  It may not be as “accurate” as the RFA devices, but its application is more widespread and has been verified in our work that is soon to be published in JOMI.


4) KEXIM – Implant Extractor System

Osseointegration is something that does not always last forever.  Sometimes implants need to be removed.  Ideally an implant gets removed without damaging the bone around it.  The BTI KEXIM implant extractor system is the only system on the market that guarantees atraumatic extraction of internal and external connection implants.  By applying controlled reverse torque the implant is gently unscrewed.   This is a simple system that achieves atraumatic results predictably.


3)   Claronav Navident dynamic navigation system 

Accurate placement of dental implants is a prerequisite to long term success.  For years we have been using static printed or milled guides.  However just like a GPS when we drive, the Navident system allows for real time CBCT guided implant site preparation and placement.  The advantages over traditional static guides is that the plan is dynamic and can be modified mid surgery, there is simplicity in being able to take a CBCT and perform the surgery without needing to produce drilling stents.  This is next level guidance. 


2)   Dr. Marius Steigmann Hu-Friedy Instrument Kit

Soft tissue procedures require gentle manipulation of very fragile tissues.  The unique 

Periosteal Splitter Steigmann (PPSTEIG) and Soft Tissue Splitter Steigmann (TKSTEIG) enable careful manipulations and preparation of the oral sites for augmentation and grafting.  These instruments were specifically designed to address thin biotype procedures that are normally very difficult.


1) Densah Burs

The ability to prepare the deficient implant recipient site is a daunting task.  Normal implant cutting drills reduce bone and cut it away.  The revolutionary Densah burs compress bone and osseodensify, a real paradigm shift in osteotomy preparation.  The Densah burs also simplify indirect sinus preparation and bone expansion procedures.  

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