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How To Better Understand And Identify Need For Implants In Patients And Place Implants Earlier In Your Career

(Without Taking Any Time Off Your Busy Schedule)

You are going to learn…

  • 1How to better understand and identify need for implants in patients. And keep surgeries in-house
  • 2How to get Implant Certified in a few short months and place implants earlier in your career
  • 3How to have patients thrilled with their results. Improve patient experience and get more patients from word-of-mouth
  • 4Plus, free bonus: register today and you’ll be entered in our raffle for a chance to win a free: 

• 1 x Apple iPad• 1 x Beats Pill+ Portable Speaker • 1 x Google Home Mini • 1 x Amazon Echo Dot • 2 x Dental Implant Course Scholarships

TOTAL VALUE: $12,010.13


Dr. Dan Hagi

DDS, FAGD, FICOL, (a)FAAIDDentist, Lecturer, Author.

Founder & CEO of DH Smile Center and Thornhill Smile Centre. Placed thousands of implants over the last 15 years of experience. Pioneer of Ceramic Implants using Prettau Zirconia. Creator of World’s #1 Implant Dentistry Training Course.

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