ATTENTION GP DENTISTS: New PACE Approved CEU Reveals“How To Take Your Surgical & Patient Experience To The Next Level With Digital Dentistry”Limited Time Only – For The First 50 Registrations…Act Now to Claim YourCopy of Dr. Dan Hagi’s Latest CE Course “Full Arch All-on-X In The Digital Age”For Just $149.97 $9.97It’s surprising, but true… Almost everything you’ve ever heard about being a successful GP dentist is WRONG.That’s why no matter how hard you work, the less you have to show for it. But there is a better way now – and it’s “Full Arch All-on-X In The Digital Age.” Now you can STOP wasting time and money on impressions and conversions and focus on doing ‘State Of The Art Dentistry’ instead.“Full Arch All-on-X In The Digital Age” reveals a proven, more productive approach to being a successful GP dentist… whether you’re an associate, new grad or own your own practice. By exposing the secrets of efficiency from wildly profitable 7-8 figure practices, it lays out exactly how to deliver amazing, life-changing outcomes that get your patients to spread word of mouth like wildfire. Attracting new patients irresistibly to you like moths to a flame as a side effect.Here’s exactly what you’re getting inside this CE Course: 

  • 1.5 PACE Approved CE Credits and Certificate – that apply towards your Continuing Education and Dental License
  • Why right NOW is the right time for Digital Dentistry and learning to perform “Guided Surgery” in your practice is THE most important skill a GP Dentist must master… more important than operations, marketing, accounting, etc. ANYTHING. [0:14]
  • The BIGGEST Mistake GP Dentists make when it comes to marketing and creating a profitable implant practice (and the simple solution that solves this problem once and for all). [10:27]
  • Tricks to tapping into the “secret desires” of your patients – this enables you to excite and motivate your patients, getting them to have treatment done, and effortlessly avoid ANY fears they have of the procedure. [36:36]
  • The keys to getting any patient to accept your treatment without being confrontational. [48:20]
  • The incredible power of 3D Printed Jaws – get this right and you can put an end to wasted time chairside. If you’re able to waste less time, you’re able to be more profitable! [1:03:57]
  • How to blow your patients expectations right out of the water by providing them with a “Digital Workflow” package that will destroy any and all objections to make your treatment the only rational choice. [1:19:53]
  • An EASY step-by-step, FULLY guided process for taking us from the flap reflection to the positioning of the provisional prosthesis WITHOUT wasting time converting the prosthesis in the lab. [3:42]
  • Why… NOW more than EVER before… you MUST have a Digital Workflow that fits today’s digital times. And all the specific considerations you need to factor in to make sure you don’t get left behind using the same old, time-wasting techniques of the past while everyone else is using tools of the future. [1:18:26]
  • “Real Life Case Study 1” with video of the surgical phase and how digitally planning the entire case allowed us place implants successfully in just 3.5 hours. [33:40]
  • “Real Life Case Study 2” showing how we can perform the surgery virtually and plan treatments confidently with precision in terms of the final positioning of implants. [50:37]
  • The 6 Advantages of Fully Guided Surgery that take away the guesswork out of your treatment and show you how to deal with problems you will encounter before the actual surgery takes place (ignore this and you’re flying blind and may find yourself having to redo your surgery because you weren’t able to see complications beforehand) [11:26]
  • Lifetime VIP membership – so you can go back and review this course any time you want
  • Plus a WHOLE LOT MORE!

This CE Course reveals powerful, proven strategies for taking your surgical and patient experience to the next level, attracting patients in abundance, and creating an efficient and highly profitable dental practice. You’ll discover exactly how “Full Arch All-on-X In The Digital Age” can finally create fantastic success, true stability and consistent growth for your business.Don’t miss out on this opportunity – grab your spot in “Full Arch All-on-X In The Digital Age” now for just $9.97 before it’s too late.If you’re not satisfied with this CE Course for any reason, send me an email at drdan@ceimplantdentistry.com and I will happily return your $9.97. And as a ‘thank you for your troubles’, you can keep the CE Credits and Certificate of Completion.Who is Dr. Dan Hagi?

Dr. Dan Hagi


Dentist, Lecturer, Author

Dr. Dan Hagi has authored the best-selling course, Fundamentals of Implant Dentistry, in which he challenges his students to ditch the boring, mundane day-to-day tasks they are doing that adds years to their dream of owning a successful dental practice and has them working cases that older associates don’t want to do themselves

The Founder of The Dental Implantology Center of Excellence and a pioneer of ceramic dental implantology in Canada. Dr. Hagi has placed thousands of implants over the last 15 years of his career and is now evolving the field of implant dentistry by bringing awareness to better, non-traditional, healthier implant materials like Ceramic Prettau Zirconia. His clinic, The DH Smile Center, has treated more patients with ceramic dental implants than any other clinic in Canada. In 2013 he was honoured with the designation of Leading Dental Centre of the World, being only one of two clinics in Canada with this recognition. Being a UofT Graduate and Lecturer, inspiring students to achieve their highest potential comes naturally to him and is evident through the many, many successful students that graduate from his programs. Some being ready to buy their own practice within 2 years of graduating dental school and others quadrupling their hourly production value in just a short 2-3 months of taking a course with Dr. Hagi.

So why is Dr. Hagi so successful?Because Dr. Hagi’s methods work for ANY General Dentist. And that means YOU too – which is exactly what you’ll discover when you go through your copy of “Full Arch All-on-X In The Digital Age.”

     “Right now I’m at the point where I’m trying to buy an office. But if I didn’t take the course, I would still be working as an associate.”

– Dr. Sam Schlesinger

“DICE is amazing. It’s perfect for self-directed learners. The lessons are thorough and explained well and Dr.Hagi is always there to answer questions if anything gets confusing. Overall 10/10, I look forward to taking more courses with Dr. Dan in the future!”

– Dr. Glynn Manchester

“It’s always good to have knowledge center where you gain aces any time and look for answers, also having mentor like Dr Dan Hagi support and guide you for day to day implant issues and question is a great bonus– Dr. Shilpesh Parekh© 2019 Dental Implantology Center of Excellence Inc. All Rights Reserved

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